The Wounds Bled Again

“Today, the sun shines bright in the sky.” I thought in my mind, getting proud of the good deeds I had accomplished, and “Not all humans are same in this cruel world. I have at least made some difference for the needy ones and I shall be there when somebody wants my compassion” I thought, completely lost in my own world of imagination, unaware of physical realm when suddenly I heard a boy playing alone in corner of that garden. All joy had gone when I saw who he really was.

His ball came towards me and he came rushing unto me gaily but he seemed like the grim reaper coming to take my soul to hell, he bent to grab the ball but to my surprise he smiled at me and ran away. I had goose bumps all over my body. It seemed that all my hairs had turned to needles ready to pierce through my clothes and show this world how terrified I was.

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There was a time when I was the most arrogant guy anybody could imagine. Smoking, Drinking, petty fights were more of a hobby of me. I was in highschool only but all my friends were from college biker gang. Being the only child I didn’t had any restrictions, I should had. My parents loved me for who I was, those two were the only ones I cared for but they feared that if they scolded me I would had done something wrong. That was the time when a single mother with his only child came in our colony. In those summer afternoons, I used to smoke in the vacant garden of colony where along with me was just

that kid. The innocent soul was having some pleasant time with his toys when the devil in my mind started kicking and I started exhaling smoke on his face and he coughed like an asthmatic patient and cried a lot. But how unfortunate was I at that time that he couldn’t spoke. I thought that of a lottery won and started abusing that kid in numerous ways, whenever I use to found that kid out, I tortured him. Sometimes, I slapped him for no reason and laughed thereafter. Once, I spilled his schoolbag on road and he was just standing there helplessly. He informed his mother but no action was taken on me by my parents on me when his mother told my parents about so. I feels so bad when I think why my parents didn’t just slapped me and kick me out of house for destroying that poor dumb child. Lucky are those whose parents are strict to them for a teenager has to be taught lessons hardly otherwise life does that in a hard manner. If someone has done some bad in life, you can pity on him but if you ,yourself, has done that you may never forgive yourself.

After some days, both of them left and there was just I who was later taught by life what I was. Some incidents in my later life showed me what damage I had done to others, my life just gave me a ton of lemons which turned each of my tooth sour. I used to cry at night wondering about the roller coaster of my life and laugh at same time seeing the ironical ways how karma takes revenge. The damage which I had done returned to me in unexpected ways. In midst of everything, I decided to quit each of my bad habits and to help each guy I will meet and will compensate to everything I had done. It has been quite a time after life took a turning point and I transformed.

But foolish me, arrogance just hid itself in form of my good deeds ,I might have changed but I still I didn’t understood life , past just came running unto me and shown me who was I, the smile of that pure heart was more lethal for a crooked guy like me than spears in battleground. The boy was blessed ‘coz only some has the purity to forgive those who did something wrong to them and still their face shines bright for the world. That smile just tore me for what had I had done and my wounds bled again.