The Broken Mask

It was a bright day as usual when I woke up but due to closed eyes I wasn’t able to embrace it. I started doing my chores unaware of the miracle which would follow me. I brushed my teeth, combed my long hairs, arranged my bed, I had wiped my face carefully so no one would notice the tear trails on my cheeks. Sitting on the chair with my favourite mug disgusting the world, my past had left a deep scars on my heart which I thought would never heal. My past had forced me to wear an invisible mask as a barrier to this overly loud and non empathetic world. I just had made up my mind that no one is going to understand what I felt and how deep my thoughts were.

These thoughts had made me isolated to the whole society, I was misunderstood a million times for being egoistic but they only knew about the mask which covered me not my true self. I had problems with such people but soon the mud got settled with time and I didn’t even cared what they spoke behind my back and moved forward towards my career. I had become something which I once hated. Talking rough to someone wasn’t a big deal, I wouldn’t give second thought about pushing someone behind for my success.

Then the following sunset, something unexpected happened and my mother got hurt by my sharp words but at that time due to my ego I went outside and returned late night, peaking in the house and slept in my room, I thought everything would turn out to be normal but I saw a letter lying on table just besides my bed which had written on it,


It has been a long time I had been tolerating you and your rudeness but yesterday the things you said didn’t came out of the mouth of my daughter I used to love, she was someone else, a stranger, I can adjust with my daughter but not with a rude stranger. I am going to my friend’s home for some time.

Please don’t try to contact me for some time.”


After reading this, I just realised what damage I had been doing to people, the mask which I wore as a barrier has now became my identity and I was reflecting my bad past life on even those whom I truly loved.

Being alone at home, life had become very boring and depressing. I would come home daily and wept like hell. Each morning, my pillow would be stained with my tears. Then one day I saw someone whose face had a strange shine on it. His big eyes were shining like pearls and he was gathered by people who were just enjoying his presence. I wanted to know what was happening but my mask stopped me. After some days we crossed paths and I got a chance to talk to him and he reminded me of someone very familiar but I couldn’t recognize who was that person. There was some magic in him as he could feel my words not just listen to me as most would do. His calmness was something that hadn’t been seen in ages. His compassion was mesmerizing. He would look at simple things with so much delight which I couldn’t even understand.  He wasn’t that smart or handsome but whosoever once talked to him would become spellbound and just admired him in eyes for who he was. His voice wasn’t that melodious but his words made people dance. His innocent smile was just enough for someone to forget her problems. That guy holds a special place in my heart as he is someone in front of whom you could be vulnerable but he wouldn’t take advantage of that, neither he would judge. He just smiles and looks at you with same glow in his eyes.He was innocent like a child yet more matured than others in seeing others. He saw eveything and everyone with crystal clarity could  guide on paths unknown. I talked to him daily and saw things from perspective I could had never imagined. He used to talk but much actually he was just a mirror who was showing me myself. In complete wonder of his words, I would return home daily.


Then one day while talking to him, I finally came to my senses and remembered who was he alike and I just ran from there with tears of regret in my eyes. I came home and saw the mirror but I hadn’t seen my true reflection since a long time and was too afraid to lift my eyes up. Slowly, I lifted them up and saw a girl crying in her most vulnerable form. The girl who can do anything just to save a dying bird, a girl who could see what someone actual needs and was generous enough to fulfil that. The mask had broken completely. It was my beautiful face which was there. I just forgot how beautiful I was under the ugly mask. No hiding it from the world.

The person with whom he was familiar was my older self which was lost over time. Sometimes, you just another person to bring out what was buried in you. I just wanted to cry for my lost self. No more hiding, that was me and nobody would make me bitter, I would make everyone sweet.

I came back to him and thanked me for showing me all of this but he said, “I didn’t do anything, I was just being myself, naked as I was born.”

Blessed are those who are truly true to themselves.

You can always light someone’s life just being yourself, unmasked.

The White Caterpillar and Black Rose

“You are beautiful” said the caterpillar to the mesmerizing black beauty. The beauty blushed and in her feminine voice replied, “You too are beautiful and it’s just a matter of time, each of us take our time to bloom.” He had a question mark on his face regarding himself and thus asked her if one day he would also be like her. She giggled and told him, “You won’t be Black like me, you would be bright like sunshine.”


Listening to this, he in his innocence, asked her if she was sorry for her colour but she just smiled and admired his heart by saying, “If it would be all white, it would had blinded you. Black and White are not opposite, deep down they had grown from the same roots.”

He started circling around her, searching something, but it was of no use. He was searching for her feet. On asking she explained him, “I don’t need to wander for anything in this world, every necessity was provided to me and in time I had realised that everything was within me.”

“What you do when in joy when you can’t even move…….?”

“I just dance in the moving wind with all my petals just feeling the beauty of this moving nature. I just enjoy as if no one is watching. I sing a song too but only for those who can listen.” He seemed satisfied.


“I always crawl. Will a day come when I will start walking?” he asked in a deep voice. “You weren’t born to walk. You were born to fly like your mother who tasted my sweet nectar once when you weren’t in this meadow” she guided him touching his head gently with her soft petal.

“What was my mother alike?” the curiosity of knowing his creator was visible in his eyes. “She was stunning as you would be in some time. When she flew towards sky, it seemed that she was going to heaven away from all earthly boundations where no one would try to catch her. Humans just ruin things for freezing a moment. Real Beauty lies in the flow. Moments are not meant to be captured but lived.”butterfly

He enquired if there was something he could eat but the only sweet thing there was just her. He was hungry and wanted the taste of black petals but the guardian thorns were at the service of the fragrancing queen. But all life of her was spent in service of others, her life was but a fine smell for others which filled every life with joy. Thus, she gave herself to the hungry creature and her death became a feast for the hungry stomach.


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