Waking up in a dark room with fan on top of your head is common but staying in dark when the sunshine calls you is uncommon. The room has windows but they are shut upon the intruders who want peek in. Sunrays piercing through glass pane gives hope that life will be better. Its what keeps a person alive, riding on the verge of fire and ice.
Each night I have a dream of a child being drowned by his family and friends, they succeeded in killing him. But there is no one here, it’s only me, there was always me.
Each time a leaf leaves his creator, it dies. Why it leaves his maker who nurtures it? Does it hurt the tree too? If it does why it replaces the broken one with a green? And it goes on endlessly until the tree dies. Maybe the tree dies little by little every day.
There are billions of trees and trillions of leaves, what if one of their friend dies? Nothing. Life is insignificant whatever we do. Will this realisation lead us somewhere?
Sitting on a park bench with my head bent downwards, sweat dripping by my nose and forehead makes a pattern, but how will I know what is it until it’s completed? When will it complete? There is nothing I can do but to drop everything. What if I worry and sweat more and destroy the pattern?
I smile every day, not because I want to but because society wants me to. Smiling with clenched fists at my back. My nails ready to pierce skin of the loved one I hug so tightly that he bleeds but he won’t be the one who will, it will be me.
The flower which was once spreading fragrance is now rotten to the core. It will drop and no one will notice but someone will, maybe.
I have only one companion left, he chats in a strange voice which is more of blabbering. I am sure he will do the same when I will be gone. He is my salvation. Grateful is a small word to describe his help. We talk but we never play. I will play with him for first and last time with a rope.

Author: parasshiva

I am a learner and will always be one. Studies at Hindu college,Delhi University wondering about little things in life.

2 thoughts on “SKIN DEEP”

  1. Wow ! Beautifully expressed the situation of a normal teenager which he/she goes through manytimes in daily life.
    and by the way good vocabulary used. Keep it up bro.πŸ™πŸ˜‹πŸ’–πŸ•ŠπŸŒžπŸ

    Liked by 1 person

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